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SOAR X Priscilla Forgie

Talented Canadian ultrarunner and trail race podium hunter Priscilla Forgie is the latest addition to the SOAR Race Team. Priscilla grabbed attention in 2021 after winning the 125K Canadian Death Race and Grizzly Ultra 50K. In 2022 she won the Near Death Marathon whilst setting an overall course record.

After winning and setting a course record at the Squamish 50/50, coming first at the Ultra Trail du Harricana, and with a 2nd place finish at Canyons 100K, Priscilla earned a coveted golden ticket to Western States ’23, the world’s oldest 100 mile trail race ending in Auburn, California. An 8th place finish secured her spot as first Canadian and entry this year.

Photographer Ashley Stewart travelled to the Rockies to capture Priscilla in training, as she builds up to compete in this year’s race, taking place 29-30 June.

Words: Rebecca Taylor/Priscilla Forgie

Photos: Ashley Stewart

What first got you into running?

I first began running in 2018 when I was searching for some sort of deeper meaning in my life. I didn't have access to athletics or teams as a child so I decided to embark on this soul searching journey to see what hobbies I enjoyed. I made an extensive list of different things I was going to try and then determine what stuck. Signing up for a marathon clinic was one of those things and I was hooked almost instantly. Running gave me an opportunity to set scary goals for myself, connect with others, and explore nature in a completely different way. I ditched the roads shortly after when I found trails and knew exactly where I needed to be.

Where do you love to run?

I spend most of my time in the Edmonton River Valley, where there are endless beautiful single track trails. As spring approaches, I make the 4 hour drive into the Rockies almost every weekend. The mountains are where my heart really is, so it'd be tough to find a distance too far for me to travel to.

What does the Western States mean to you?

Western States first came to me at a very disorganized time in my life. But what it offered me was a path of consistency and optimism in my training that I didn't even realize I needed. After racing it for the first time in 2023 I felt the magic in the race immediately. You can sense the gratitude from every racer, feel the energy and love from the spectators and volunteers, and just become captured by the beautiful experience as a whole. WSER to me means grit, determination, joy and community all in one. It’s a pretty captivating experience.

How are you getting ready for Western States ‘24?

I don’t have any particular bells and whistles in my training - aside from running lots, my focus over the year has been on a few key things, all surrounding my psyche: joy and gratitude for the process, pushing myself when I have the capacity, and being gentle with myself when I need it. It’s been a super fun and enlightening year for me so far and I can’t wait to get back on the sunny California trails.

What do you enjoy about running in SOAR kit?

As an ultrarunner, the key consideration when choosing my clothing is comfort. SOAR’s lightweight clothing truly feels like if I’m not wearing much at all. The marathon shorts allow me to run freely without constriction and the ample amount of pockets are an ultrarunner's dream - all the food storage I could ask for!

Instagram: @prissyforgie, @ashleystewart.ca