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SOAR: Essentials for the Active Lifestyle

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SOAR x Seoul

In Seoul, where ultramodern skyscrapers loom over ancient palaces, running has evolved into a cultural phenomenon. Running clubs, stylish apparel brands, and varied routes mirror the city's dynamic energy.

The Han River, a natural artery, offers runners views of skyscrapers, parks, and mountains, embodying Seoul's harmony of old and new. This blend of tradition and modernity resonates with the city's runners and the three that took to the streets in SOAR.

Seoul's running clubs transform solitary jogs into communal events, fostering connections through shared routes and experiences. Running offers reflection and relaxation, linking runners to the city’s rhythms. For many, it’s more than exercise; it’s a balance of work and life, joy, and community in motion.

Seoul's running culture epitomizes its spirit of innovation and tradition, offering paths to tranquillity and discovery. Whether resident or visitor, Seoul's streets and trails invite you to join the run.