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SOAR X Zach Zono

For our first Race Vest design collaboration we’ve joined forces with Hackney based artist Zach Zono.

We asked Zach - a runner and friend of SOAR – to use our ultra-light Race Vest as a blank canvas for his work.

A self-taught artist born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Zach's abstract paintings reflect his fascination with colour, memories, and form, which is evident throughout his current practice.

Zono's work is a meditation on the sensation of memory and existence. His paintings are based on internal experiences manifested in different ways. They can be viewed as a map of the mind, a landscape documenting the passage of time while retaining the fluidity of an idea or feeling. Each painting captures a moment in time rather than chronicling events, transitions that transcend thought and feeling.

The organic forms and vivid hues in Zono's work are somewhat of an ode to his life in Cape Town. By utilising his large-scale works as a medium for experimentation, Zach’s pieces capture an audience’s attention by creating an atmosphere that can only be experienced in person.

“Running and art share the common characteristic of having distinct start and end points. I've learned to use running as an outlet—a refreshing break from my studio routine. Creating a vest with SOAR provided me with the opportunity to bring a new dimension of movement to my paintings.”
Zach Zono≤

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