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SOAR/In Residence: Maddy

Photography: Oliver Hooson

This series is our recognition of the unspectacular everyday beauty of running, and the routine it brings to three individuals’ lives in their immediate neighbourhood.

Maddy takes us on a local loop around Dalston, and tells us a bit about who she is and what running and the area means to her.

In three words, why do you run?

Focus, structure, endorphins.

Are you going solo or do you like to make it a social?

Longer runs solo (with tunes). Saturdays with Your Friendly Run Club. A mid-week jog and coffee with a mate is always in the mix.

Have a need for speed or easy like a Sunday morning?

Easy. However, my training program for the Amsterdam Marathon just landed in my inbox so that'll shake things up.

Road, track or trail – if you had to choose just one?

Road. I particularly love running through central London.

And what are you doing when you're not running?

Travelling with my boyfriend Jordan, working or with friends at the pub.

What do you love most about Dalston?

It’s got a bit of everything! And the green spaces are lush.

Where would you take us locally for a bite to eat?

We’re going to Zeytoona for falafel wraps.

Prefer to be out and about or chilling at home?

Lately I'm out and about. Winter’s a different story.

What's your favourite film?

Tough question. Probably Good Will Hunting.

What's the one object you couldn't live without?

Is hot sauce an object?

Are you superstitious?

A little bit. I’ll always cross the road to avoid running directly under a ladder. I can’t wear two left sports socks (two right ones is fine). I'll stop there.

Can you tell us something you're really proud of?

My houseplants are thriving.

Who's your hero?

Larry David.

Any guilty pleasures we should know about?

The Dusty Knuckle cinnamon morning bun. Best £3 you'll ever spend.

And finally, advice you'd like to leave us with, be it running or otherwise?

Hills pay the bills!