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Photo Essay

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    東京: Dispatches from Tokyo

    Photographer Matt Moran was recently on assignment for SOAR in Tokyo. Whilst there he met up with the 080 Running Crew.
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    SOAR '22: Our Year in Pictures

    As 2022 draws to a close we look back on the last 12 months of SOAR, and the many running highglights along the way.
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    Helsinki in November

    There are images of Nordic winters—you know the ones, the snow-blanketed, Christmas card-like scenes that tourist boards would be proud of. But what very few tell you is that before the snow, ice and subzero temperatures arrive, there is a sustained period of early winter when this region makes the UK look bright, dry and cheery
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    This Hallowed Ground

    Kinder Scout is a storied place, barren in landscape but certainly not in legend. This moorland plateau and national nature reserve in the Peak District rises 636 metres above sea level and casts its eye over the Southern Pennines, but don't be fooled by size alone.
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    Ready for the Heat

    Weather is somewhat of a preoccupation for many in the UK. On this little island touching the Atlantic Ocean, meteorological conditions have an unmistakable effect on everyday life, but it’s never easy to predict. That’s why when the call came in for the final shakedown of the hot weather capsule, our home, London, was not the first place on the list.
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    Perspective / Night of The 10,000m PB’s

    For many Night of The 10,000m PB’s needs little by way of introduction. For those who it does, it’s a day of 10,000m track racing unmatched anywhere in the world. We sent Matt Moran down to Parliament Hill track on London’s Hampstead Heath to capture a day of distance running like no other, at an event which keeps reinventing what the sport can - and should be - be for racers and spectators alike.
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    The Sunday Service with YFRC

    The long, easy Sunday run. Perhaps the only weekly session so universally adhered to by runners everywhere. With that in mind, we wanted to get a little closer to what Sunday looks like for a group who get together week in, week out, so we linked up with East London run crew and community, Your Friendly Runners.

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    SOAR X MK Relays, a photo essay

    The fastest road racers in the south of England go head-to-head. In spite of last minute cancellations, the distance running community pulled together to deliver a barnstorming afternoon of road-relays.