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SOAR/In Residence: Arran

Photography: Oliver Hooson

This series is our recognition of the unspectacular everyday beauty of running, and the routine it brings to three individuals’ lives in their immediate neighbourhood.

Arran takes us on a local loop and tells us a bit about who he is.

In three words, why do you run?

Accomplishment, love & headspace.

Are you going solo or do you like to make it a social?

At the moment I’m going solo a lot. Mainly to fit it around my work schedule and to focus on my training more. But you can’t match the positive feeling after a run with the crew.

Have a need for speed or easy like a Sunday morning?

Really enjoying my speed sessions more at the moment. I’ve been focusing on my 5 & 10K times. I managed to squeeze in a 5K race after our shoot and recently raced a 10K. I want to take advantage of being able to run fast while I still can, but I always try to keep my Sunday long runs more chill.

Road, track or trail – if you had to choose just one?

90% of the time I’ll be on the roads. But beginning to venture onto the track more.

And what are you doing when you're not running?

At the moment I’m juggling my time between running my small business Curated For Runners and planning my wedding. I’ve found a big love for photography recently, especially within the running community and at events, which ties in nicely with Curated For Runners. When I’m not working I love trying new coffee/food/wine places around London.

What do you love most about Greenwich?

There’s a vibrancy around South East London that I love. It has such a mix of areas - with each area offering something different. The history and greenery is always ace to run through too.

Where would you take us locally for a bite to eat?

Has to be 15 Grams. They roast their own coffee and stock the Flor Lardy Bun!

Prefer to be out and about or chilling at home?

After recent years I’d definitely rather be out and about.

What's your favourite film?

Normally I’d say a Lord of The Rings film but this time I’m going to be that person and give you a few. So also The Joker and Pursuit of Happiness.

What's the one object you couldn't live without?

Has to be my AirPods. I’ve got to have music with me wherever I go.

Are you superstitious?

I’m a littlestitious, if that’s a thing? I don’t have any race day rituals or lucky socks. But a bird did sh*t on me before my last 10K race and I ended up with a PB - so maybe that means something.

Can you tell us something you're really proud of?

Building the life I now have in London with my fiancé. We’ve been here 6 years now and I feel like we’ve achieved so much being here.

Who's your hero?

Running hero as a kid was Paula Radcliffe. And now it’s the GOAT Kipchoge – not only his incredible running ability, but his outlook and attitude towards life.

Any guilty pleasures we should know about?

A McDonald’s banana milkshake. The best flavour despite what anyone says.

And finally, advice you'd like to leave us with, be it running or otherwise?

If you’re racing in the summer heat, I’d recommend freezing a sports drink the night before, so you can enjoy a pre race slushy. Keep the core temperature low and run your own race.