SOAR X Hackney

SOAR X Hackney

10 Week Half Marathon Training Group

The Hackney Half Marathon takes place in our own backyard on May 19th. Which is why our latest training and racing group is SOAR X Hackney: 10 weeks of targeted, group based, half marathon training, designed to bring runners into PB shape come race day.

Using the principles and techniques that have secured PBs for Elite Marathoners to first time runners, the group will be coached by Olympian Matt Yates, and led by the SOAR community.

Each session will see team SOAR X Hackney undertake fully coached warm-ups, technical drills, interval/threshold running and warm downs. Finishing with the option of a drink and team debrief at the Signature Brew Tap Room. Training will take place on the streets, towpaths and parks of Hackney.

All abilities are welcome, SOAR X Hackney just asks for one key attribute: Commitment. Commitment to the entire training programme, commitment to the group and commitment to exploring your racing potential.

Training group runs weekly from Monday 11th March to Monday 13th May, giving 10 training sessions of approximately 2 hours each. The Hackney Half Marathon is on Sunday 19th May.


SOAR x Hackney is -

- A free, 10 week half marathon focused training group to bring runners into PB shape for the Hackney Half Marathon

- Based at the Signature Brew Tap Room, Haggerston

- Led by SOAR Coach Matt Yates, an Olympian, Commonwealth Games Medallist and Sub-4 Minute Miler

- Advice, guidance and coaching on all things half marathon

- A team, built on a shared commitment to improved performance

- Limited to 35 runners

Participants receive -

- 10 coached training sessions 

- A 25% discount code to use on SOAR products

- Access to the Signature Brew Tap Room before and after training and for kit storage

- Offers and discounts at Signature Brew Tap Room

Programme starts Monday March 11th, final training session Monday May 13th

Monday night sessions will run for 10 consecutive weeks, from the Signature Brew Tap Room, starting at 6:30pm lasting approximately 2 hours. 



Limited to 35 places.


About the coaches -

Matt Yates, SOAR X Hackney Head Coach

Matt is a former Olympian and world top 10 middle distance runner, now regarded as one of Europe's up and coming elite running coaches.

His training method and approach is highly individual and certainly not from the traditional coaching manual. Instead it has been shaped by a combination of his own training experiences and years spent working with the world's leading coaches, athletes and sports scientists. His innovative approach has seen him turn around a number of athletic careers, helping runners realise their true potential. Matt's approach is not for the faint hearted, but if you have 100% commitment and motivation he can help you achieve your goals and bring success to your running. 

Barry Ewell, SOAR X Hackney Assistant Coach 

Barry is a former 2.22 marathon runner from the days where plimsolls and a string vest were as good as it got. He has decades of coaching experience and has worked with Matt's elite athlete training group as assistant coach for almost 3 years.

He is affectionately known as “Stopwatch” for the number of stopwatches he wears at sessions and giving, to the tenth, rep splits. He is a walking encyclopaedia of running and there is not a running book, training regime or athlete he doesn’t know about. In a Q&A on all things running there's nothing that will leave Barry short of an answer. 


All participants are responsible for their own race entry to the Hackney Half Marathon






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