Andrew McGeary

Andrew McGeary

Runner and SOAR x TRY 5k PB Team Member

Andrew participated in our SOAR x TRY 5k PB training programme throughout June and July of 2018. The programme took 20 everyday runners under the coaching wing of Olympian Matt Yates, and elite coach Barry Elwell for 8 weeks of dedicated professional training as part of a team. The aim of which was to whip the participants into 5k PB shape by the end. We caught up with Andrew about his experiences.

What appealed to you about the SOAR x TRY 5k Programme, and what led you to sign-up?
A challenge, a dedicated programme and something different.

How have you found the programme, what have been your highlights and how does it differ to the training you've done in the past?
Very productive, it’s much more hands on coaching than my usual sessions. Highly precise which was welcome.

Do you have a favourite session, or element to the training?
The drills and stretches in terms of consistency and seriousness given to form.

And a least favourite, or perhaps 'most feared'?
The run around the stadium!

What are your top 3 takeaways from the programme which you'll implement in your own training?
Warm up, drills, “arms!”.

On a separate note, the atmosphere and team ethos of the group was excellent as evident in the track side peer support and the excitable WhatsApp group! Credit must go to the other crew but also Matt and Barry in terms of ‘tone for the top.’

What's next for you in terms of racing and training?
The London Marathon. 

And last but not least, what's your favourite piece of SOAR kit, and why?
I like it all but perhaps the Race Shorts 2.0, pretty light plus small zip pockets are useful. I have separately brought the Race Vest so maybe it will be that.

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