Dean Fielding

Dean Fielding


What got you into running? And what keeps you doing it?
I loved running when I was at school but I was also a good footballer and that took over as a priority. I ran a little bit through my twenties but mainly for fitness for football. When I stopped playing in my early 30's there was a void to fill so I started running more and that has gradually taken over.

What is your typical training routine?
I'm late 30's now with 2 kids and all the trimmings so I have to box clever with my training. I aim for 3-4 days a week with a mix of intervals, hills, steady and long runs.

Do you run with a club or a group?
I joined Leeds City Athletic club in September 2017. That was the first time I've been part of a club and I highly recommend it if you're looking to improve. Trying to add quality, structured training to your routine is hard when you're on your own.

Where's the strangest place you've run?
Castleford. If you've ever been, you'll know what I'm talking about.

What song, if any, is guaranteed to make you run faster?
Pantha Du Prince - Welt Am Draht (Die Vögel Remix). Its like the Rocky theme tune in a German house/techno style.

Do you run for the fun of it? Or for the results?
I get enjoyment from training but races are all about results for me.

What is the best bit of advice you've had from another runner?
'Don't quit now!'

What simple advice would you give to a new or novice runner?
Stick with it. The buzz you get from those runs where you can feel you've got stronger/fitter/faster make it all worthwhile.

What is your favourite piece of SOAR kit?
The vest and race shorts.

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