Jake Tombs

Jake Tombs

Runner and SOAR x TRY 5k PB Team Member

Jake participated in our SOAR x TRY 5k PB training programme throughout June and July of 2018. The programme took 20 everyday runners under the coaching wing of Olympian Matt Yates, and elite coach Barry Elwell for 8 weeks of dedicated professional training as part of a team. The aim of which was to whip the participants into 5k PB shape by the end. We caught up with Jake about his experiences.

What appealed to you about the SOAR x TRY 5k Programme, and what led you to sign-up?
I’ve liked the SOAR brand for some time and followed some of the other programmes (SOAR X etc.) on social media and liked the sound of the proper coaching – I’ve always run longer distances and wanted to try something shorter.

How have you found the programme, what have been your highlights and how does it differ to the training you've done in the past?
I’ve enjoyed the programme lots; doing lots of sprint work was new to me but enjoyable. I loved the group training sessions working in pairs and teams. I’m much more used to running alone.

Do you have a favourite session, or element to the training?
As above the group sessions and working together. I loved the pairs session 200 metres sprint x 10 with slow jog recovery back across middle of track.

And a least favourite, or perhaps 'most feared'?
It’s a bit of a love/hate but the stadium laps were always a killer (not knowing how far away the end was!).

How do you feel it's changed you as a runner?
I feel more confident and balanced. And faster!

What are your top 3 takeaways from the programme which you'll implement in your own training?
Like many of us I suffered some lower leg issues (mainly Achilles) with all the sprint work – I realise I need to incorporate more strength sessions. I’d also like to do more group sessions – running with others really makes tough training more enjoyable! And lastly mixing up the type of training; sprint, hills, etc. rather than the same old steady pace!

What's next for you in terms of racing and training?
Having not run 5kms before I think this is a distance I want to work on further. I also still feel I have another marathon in me although nothing planned yet.

And last but not least, what's your favourite piece of SOAR kit, and why?
I love the Three Season Shorts – they are just so comfortable and suitable for all occasions.

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