Nadi Jahangiri

Nadi Jahangiri

Member of the Soar 6

What got you into running? And what keeps you doing it?
I was a reasonable cross country runner at school and have always used running as my go to method of staying fit and active. I took a bit of a break when the kids came along but came back to running through Parkrun in 2012. It's still a great way of keeping fit but I must confess to having become more, not less, competitive as time has gone on!

What is your typical training routine?
I will normally try and get out 6 days a week, taking Friday off. Mostly easy miles with a quality session with my coach on Thursdays, club night on a Tuesday and a long one on Sunday.

Do you run with a club or a group?
I'm a member of Highgate Harriers in London but am lucky enough to have an absolutely brilliant coach in Brahma Pochee from the same club. There is no substitute for a quality trainer if you are going to do the best you can.

Where's the strangest place you've run?
Running along the Regents Canal in London can feel pretty strange, depending on the time of day. But it's a great way to see the extremes of London first hand from Stepney to Regents Park. The dogs become increasingly badly behaved the more upmarket the area!

What song, if any, is guaranteed to make you run faster?
'This is England' by The Clash. Never fails.

Do you run for the fun of it? Or for the results?
The results.

What is the best bit of advice you've had from another runner?
Not to obsess too much about times during training and to 'run to feel' more. I'm trying but it's not easy!

What simple advice would you give to a new or novice runner?
Be patient. Don't overdo it at the start. And don't be put off by the inevitable dips in form that occur from time to time. You'll get through them.

What is your favourite piece of SOAR kit?
The Rain Jacket. I've got 2!

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