Rebecca Bunting

Rebecca Bunting


What got you into running? And what keeps you doing it?
I ran when I was at school. I was good at it but I didn't enjoy it at all. I started again four years ago, mainly because I was doing a full time masters degree and I found the studying quite intense. So I started running to uni and it brought a balance to my life, and my head. It was a 6 mile journey which I did up to four times a week and it was my favourite part of the day. A few months later I did my first marathon and then I joined a running club. I love how running has become my life. It has brought me so much positivity and happiness.

What is your typical training routine?
Long run on Sunday morning, up to 20 miles, more if there is a marathon coming. Track session on Tuesday evening. Run on a Wednesday, whatever I feel like - no garmin, just run. Core work on Thursday. Rest on Friday. Parkrun on Saturday.

Do you run with a club or a group?
London Heathside.

Where's the strangest place you've run?
Through derelict industrial wasteland left by the Soviets in Tallinn, Estonia.

What song, if any, is guaranteed to make you run faster?
Anything by Avicii.

Do you run for the fun of it? Or for the results?
Firstly for the love of it, but of course when you're in a good place the results can feel wonderful.

What is the best bit of advice you've had from another runner?
Their belief in me.

What simple advice would you give to a new or novice runner?
Just enjoy it. Go at your own pace, no expectations.

What is your favourite piece of SOAR kit?
Waiting for the women's line to come out!

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