Commitment, competition and routine – or freedom, fresh air, and a clear head? We ask runners what makes them get out there, mile after mile.

Billy Rayner

Member of the Soar 6

James Holt

Member of the Soar 6

Nadi Jahangiri

Member of the Soar 6

Alex Hobley

Member of the Soar 6

Scott Yule

Member of the Soar 6

Clare Elms


Joey Brouwer

Trainer and runner

Ash Chambers

Engineering project manager and runner

Tom Evans

Runner and soldier

Ann Bath

Runner and inspiration for us all

Mark Boulton

Runner and Soar Ambassador

Molly Renfer

Runner and SOAR social media guru

Gill Bland

Runner and Soar Ambassador

Dan Madams

Runner and stockbroker

Martin Bright

Runner and journalist

Marcus Brown

Runner, surveyor and Soar Ambassador

Catrin Tyler

Runner and account director

Bob Empson


Paul Cheetham

Runner and teacher

Steven Diffey

Runner / Triathlete

Caroline Manning

Runner and media buyer

Ricardo Zappa

Runner and Air Steward

Paul Corns

Runner and Account manager

Sarah Redfern

Runner and PR Director

Joanne Allsebrook

Runner and Hairdresser

Nick Beavitt

Runner and Reinsurance Broker

Marco Minuti

Runner and Engineer

Eryn Lovell


Kate Holt


Neil Davies

Runner and architect

Charlotte Morrish

Runner and Equity Analyst

Laura Wotton

Runner and PR

Elle Hankinson

Runner and journalist

Will Attwood

Runner and Investment Analyst

Moe Sasegbon

Runner / Heptathlete

David Cato

Runner and IT consultant

Euan Drysdale


Harry Kempe

Runner / Triathelete

Mattia Pirotti

Runner and Business Consultant

Sam Heward

Runner and trainee chartered accountant

Claudio Grassi

Runner and driver

Peter Huck


Ben Gregory

Runner and Team GB Decathlete

Paul Marriage

Runner and fund manager

Andrew Mercer

Runner and senior asset manager

Rob Martineau

Runner and founder of Tribe food

Jamie Bunchuck

Runner and Explorer

Brahma Pochee

Runner and personal trainer

Robel Bahelbi

Runner and Under 23 rising talent

Andy Greenleaf

Runner / Triathelete and data Scientist

Richard George

Runner and forest campaigner for Greenpeace

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