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We make durable, fit for purpose, highly functional running apparel. We do not produce excess units that require heavy discounting to exit. Or do end-of-season sales. Welargely work with European factories and suppliers with the highest standards of environmental and workplace accreditation.

We do not make disposable, cheap, poorly made and poorly functioning clothing in far eastern factories with dubious environmental accreditations and staff practises.

This has the biggest green impact of anything we could do. It minimises waste, reduces over consumption and safeguards people.

Where possible, we offer a repair and reproofing service to our customers to help their kit last longer.

We work with recycled yarns where we know they are made using post-industrial waste rather than pre-industrial materials.

However, we know that just 20% of the carbon footprint of a given piece of fabric is in the yarn. While 80% is in the manufacturing of the fabric. So, we work with mills that use clean energy. This has a far greater net impact than recycled yarns alone.

As new green technologies develop, we will utilise them as soon as possible.

Our sustainability timeline and targets: 

  • All SOAR packaging recycled or biodegradable.
  • Kit repair service offered to all SOAR customers to increase garment lifespan.
  • 92% of SOAR fabrics are of European origin.
  • All mills have the highest environmental accreditations and use significant amounts of green energy.
  • All initial sampling moved in-house significantly reducing courier air miles.
  • 30% of SS22 collection made with recycled yarns.
  • Increased usage of natural fibres in AW22 collection.
  • In partnership with fabric mills, continue development of new classes of natural fibre yarns that will be unique to SOAR.
  • Launch the first natural fibre SOAR X RACE garments. 
  • Develop and offer customer-facing end-of-life solution for SOAR garments.
  • Launch dedicated re-sale website for reconditioned SOAR products.
  • SOAR natural fibre garments winning major international races.