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Elite Athlete Access Scheme

Elite Athlete Access Scheme

The SOAR Running Elite Athlete Access Scheme is accessible to those training and racing at the highest levels of the sport as an amateur athlete.

SOAR products are developed, designed, and continually refined to meet the needs of those pushing the boundaries of running performance. Harnessing innovation in fabric technology, product manufacturing, tailoring and sports science.

Via the Elite Athlete Access Scheme SOAR wish to provide runners of national and international standard privileged access to our range of high-performance, function-first apparel and accessories.


The Elite Athlete Access Scheme is open to athletes who have achieved any of the following standards in the last 12 months:

Event Men's Standard Women's Standard
1500m 3:48:99 4:24:99
5,000m / 5km 14:10:99 16:30:99
10,000m / 10km 29:39:99 34:29:99
Half Marathon 65:29 76:59
Marathon 2:19:59 2:39:59

* performance must be equal to, or faster than, the stated time

* * equivalent performances achieved at distances/events not listed above will be considered, please get in touch. 

To apply to the Elite Athlete Access Scheme please email ipp@soarrunning.com with evidence of your performance(s).

Elite Athlete Access Scheme Terms & Conditions