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Soar was born from a desire for beautiful performance running wear. 

For too long runners had lacked options for style driven running wear that not only felt and looked great, but also performed at the highest level. Drawing on his extensive background in fashion and design, twinned with an unrelenting passion for running, Tim Soar sought to change this. And so, Soar Running was born. 

As runners, running is central to our lives, a literal and metaphorical heartbeat. The run commute, the pre-dawn five-miler, the weekend parkrun, track session or easy long run. To be a runner shapes our very identity. Soar seeks to celebrate that identity, embracing the freedom, work, joy and beauty it embodies. 

Born on the streets, parks, heaths and towpaths of London, but traversing the globe, Soar delivers performance and style for all who run: young and old, fast and slow, urban and rural.  

Our mission is simple – to seek unparalleled performance through the use of cutting-edge fabrics and innovative design, and to cherish the beauty of running in everything we do. 

Join us, join the movement for beautiful performance running wear.