You’re in the parks, on the towpaths, and up on the heath. Jogging, running, fartlekking, sprinting, training. Working hard, day-in, day-out to discover where your true potential lies.

We admire your dedication, and we share your quiet passion – that nod of recognition, or the slight raise of the hand to indicate, yeah, we know the feeling. Keep it up.

SOAR was born from an admiration for real runners and frustration that the running community’s commitment to performance was being poorly served by the major sports brands.

With a professional background in fashion, Tim Soar knew he could create runners' garments that outperformed everything on the market, utilising the world’s most advanced fabrics, and designed for real-world amateurs training in all conditions. Above all, he knew he could bring some of the grace and beauty of running to the world of running clothing.

Since day one, our ambition has been simple: to create beautiful, high performance running apparel that allows you to fulfil your athletic potential.

SOAR is unashamedly a running performance brand. We don’t make yoga pants and we don’t care for crossfit, we only care about running. But that doesn’t mean we’re elitist. We’re just as excited for you if you’re channeling your dedication towards a sub-8 minute mile as a sub-2hr marathon. So long as you’re pushing your limits, we’ll be right there behind you. And to help you on your way, you’re invited to join us at any of our coaching events, where we bring elite training principles to the broader running community, so everyone has the opportunity to get faster. Because ambition is at the heart of running, and ambition is at the heart of SOAR.



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