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ELITE Race Vest 3.0 X Club Edition. The pursuit of marginal gains and every last percentage point of performance started in cycling but quickly came to running. And promptly stalled at the shoes. We knew there were gains to be discovered in running apparel, and in the ELITE Race Vest 3.0 we’ve redefined what a race singlet could – and should – be. New for A/W 19 we're launching the ELITE Race Vest 3.0 Club Edition. Enabling you to take to the start line in the SOAR Elite Race Vest, in your club, or training group's colours. Exactly like we've done for Tonbridge AC and Highgate Harriers. Interested and want to find out more? Email *Minimum order quantity will apply SOAR X RUN. #soarrunning #soar #soarelite

3 days ago
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@josh_lunn powers his way to a PB of 64:25, taking him to 11th in the UK Half Marathon Rankings, at Sunday’s Great North Run. Josh was debuting the @jlf_rcng Team Issue ELITE Race Vest 3.0 and ELITE Race Shorts 3.0. SOAR X RUN. #soarrunning #soar #soarelite #greatnorthrun

4 days ago
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FREE Merino & Silk T-Shirt Base with all orders over £200. Whether you’ve lined up a long winter of marathon training or are preparing for the cross country season, get set with SOAR. For a limited time only, we will add a FREE Merino & Silk T-Shirt Base to all orders over £200. Helping you get out the door whatever the weather. Just place your order the normal way and we’ll be in touch. SOAR X RUN. #soar #soarrunning

11 days ago
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SOAR X ALPS Mountain runner Phil Gale takes the Tempo Top and Ultra Gilet up above the clouds in the Italian Alps SOAR X RUN #soarrunning #soar #mountainrunning

19 days ago
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SOAR X ALPS. For the majority of competitive runners the aim is to train high and race low. But mountain runners have to train high because they race high. Authentic terrain training, if you like. You’ll know you’ve found the sweet spot when the grass is thin, the trees even thinner, and your efforts are serenaded by the whistles of agitated marmots. Mountain Runner Phil Gale takes us into the world of Mountain Running, high in the Valtellina region of Northern Italy. See link in bio for full story. SOAR X RUN. #soar #soarrunning #mountainrunning

24 days ago