A chat with Richard Edmonds, Co-Founder of Runderwear

A chat with Richard Edmonds, Co-Founder of Runderwear

Runderwear are our pick of the pants, we wanted to find out a bit more about how they began.

How did Runderwear begin – where did the idea for running specific underwear come from? 

Jamie and I met at University and shared a passion for running. When we were training for the New York Marathon Jamie got frustrated that he couldn’t find any really good technical underwear to wear underneath. It seemed crazy we would spend money on technical outerwear and then be wearing our normal underwear underneath. We set out on a journey to offer our fellow runners the best running underwear possible.

And how did things evolve from idea to brand to product? 

We spent night after night at our local running club with members developing the product.  We would try numerous fabrics, fits and styles until we found the magic formula.  This process was not quick - it took over two years to release our first Runderwear.

Were there any particular landmark breakthroughs along the way? Or for that matter hurdles to overcome? 

When we launched the Runderwear brand at the London Marathon expo we were nervous but excited to share our hard work with the running community.  As soon as runners started to feel the fabric and see how much design process was in the underwear they loved it! A landmark moment was selling out by the second day with two more days to go.  Not ideal for the final two days but we knew that all of our hard work had paid off and our fellow runners understood what we were trying to achieve.

What’s up next for Runderwear, anything exciting in the pipeline?

We are very excited about launching our first fully supportive bra early next year.  We get asked everyday for this product but just like our original process we have taken our time to get this right rather than just launch something for the sake of it. The testing has been incredible and we are incredibly excited about sharing it. The Men's Long Boxer has recently launched - another product our customers had been asking for and the reviews have been fantastic.

What about your own running, are you still getting out regularly? Targeting any races?

I recently did the Bournemouth Half Marathon and next up for me is a 10km in 4 weeks time where we have a bit of a competition going in the office here at Runderwear! It is getting quite competitive so everyone is upping the training at the moment!

Where’s your favourite place to run? 

I love a coastal run.  Runderwear is based down in Dorset so anywhere along the coastal path and I am a happy man!

Lastly, what’s your top running based tip?  

Quality over quantity.  I speak to so many people who do a lot of ‘junk’ mileage.  You need to have a purpose for each run / session you do so you know what you are getting out of it.

Thanks Richard, and good luck in the 10km.

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