Three Season Shorts 3.0 Designer's Notes

Three Season Shorts 3.0 Designer's Notes

The Three Season Shorts were one of the first SOAR products. I wanted to launch with a great looking, general purpose running short that could be used throughout most of the year. The above the knee length make them an easy style to wear. The long inner liner is there for extra comfort and acts as additional protection in cooler/cold weather.

For the third iteration of the shorts I have adjusted the shaping of the inner liner. It is cut to have some compression with a new soft silicone elastic hem added to ensure a comfortable leg fit. The new hem now keeps the liner in the correct position throughout the run.



The back pocket and waistband construction has been redesigned. The ideal position for the back pocket in running shorts is just below the small of the back - the contents of the pocket will then rest on the top of the buttocks. By changing the construction of the shorts we were able to move the pocket zip up to the waistband seam. Taking away the elastic above the zip, and inserting a triangular panel below, ensures the pocket now lies completely flat against the body.




The new waistband follows the style that we developed for the Race Shorts 2.0. It is a wide, soft elastic with a mesh mid-part that eliminates the need for an outer layer of fabric. It's comfortable, secure and light.



The laser cut ventilation holes on the outer leg are now a little larger and the reflective trims are a little bolder. The outer fabric is soft yet hardwearing with enough stretch to ensure comfort throughout your run. But other than that ‘if it ain’t broke, don't fix it’  



Our policy of evolution for core products - learning from version 1.0, then applying changes to version 2.0, etc - results in garments that keep improving with each iteration. The Three Season Shorts 3.0 are the best, yet.

Tim Soar. London, 2018


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